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Nonintrusive, unbiased

eye-based lie-detector

Enhancing safety and improving life-quality by Assessing Credibility, Identifying Deception and Detecting Threats


Our technology is based on 15 years of R&D in eye-based technologies and is protected by a patent, trade secrets & competitive insulation.


Technology credibility achievements:

  • Successfully blind tested by an opinion leading potential customer

  • Full correlation compared to the polygraph

  • High accuracy results by clients in the field

  • Tested on a diverse population (age, height, gender, languages)

The technology is driven by a library of interactive video-clips, which include the relevant issues. While a person is interacting with the clip, his eye-dynamics are acquired and analyzed.



The core technology behind our products uses only a camera, a screen, propriety algorithms and innovative protocols. Thus, can be deployed in existing platforms (laptops, mobiles, goggles and kiosks) as well as in new stand-alone platforms.

Flexibility: The products can be used together with different types of existing investigation techniques.

Versatility: Our products have a small foot-print and can easily be deployed in everyday life in many verticals.

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Introducing 4T

Client can use pre-prepared video-clips from the Eye-Minders' library (include clips for most standard investigations). Alternatively, a custom video-clip may be prepared jointly by the client and Eye-Minders to best fit the client's specific investigation needs.


4T has significant advantages compared to the polygraph and other alternatives for both, the user and the client.

The system can be easily deployed at the costumer's site of choice, it does not require an expert and delivers an improved and efficient process.

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Our first product (patent pending) is a table-top unit, which analyzes the user's eyes, delivering credibility assessment, deception identification and threat detection within minutes.

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versatile MARKETS


Prevention & Detection

Eye-Minders products can  be deployed in versatile verticals, application and markets.

Example use cases include: investigations; false identity detection; boarder security screening; customs screening; immigration screening; pre employment screening; employee periodic reliability test; security clearance for suppliers and subcontractors; credibility test for loans and credit (traditional banking, peer-to-peer lending or micro-loans); detection of fraud insurance claims; reliability in the process of insurance underwriting; supervision of special populations; social benefits etc.



Insurance Fraud

Annual losses due to fraudulent claims are estimated at $100 billion! Thus, the insurance market (private, state, health care etc.) is constantly seeking for new ways to detect fraudulent claims and high-risk clients.


Value proposition for insurer: Helps identify fraudulent claims faster and reduce the workload placed on investigators. Results in investigation cost savings, competitive advantage.
Value proposition for insured: Faster claim payment, less intrusive process, premium saving.

1-3% of claims are referred to special investigators, ~58.7% of investigated claims were paid.

Eye-Minders provides an opportunity to validate the claim before it is referred to special investigation.

Use-Case: Insurance Fraud

Opt-In Claim Filing Process



Files a Claim


Claim is being






Eye-Minders' Report


Client's Action



A comprehensive market analysis was prepared in collaboration with the University of Michigan - Ross School of Business.




Eye-Minders' technology is based on 2 scientific facts. The first, lying is a complex task, which involves both, mental effort and emotional impact. The second is that the eyes may serve as an excellent interface to the brain, since they reflect, what is going on in one's mind.


Eye-signals are simple to obtain, respond quickly to stress and cognitive load (lying) and cannot be controlled or manipulated. Therefore, they have the potential to be a great lie and deception indicator.


Eye-signals are complex signals. Thus, it is a significant challenge to extract and use the required information from them. Based on an innovative approach and years of experience, we managed to crack this challenge.

Examples of Relevant Studies:

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Cybercrime, IP theft, false identity and insurance fraud, cause life loss, hurt the economy and influence life quality.​ Much effort is being invested in cyber-technologies, however, people are often the weakest link in the chain, and are responsible for ~50% of losses.

Eye-Minders' mission is to enhance safety and improve life-quality for everyone everywhere by Assessing Credibility, Identifying Deception and Detecting Threats.

We are an Israeli-based technology company, bringing to market an innovative product enabling truth-detection, based on a person's eyes. The Company was founded on January 2018 by Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman as a spin-off from PooW Innovation.​


We are currently looking for investors, clients and partners to participate in a pilot and be part of this revolution.​​​



Dr. Daphna


Founder, CEO, CTO

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and B.Sc. In Electrical Engineering from the Technion. Has 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, R&D and management as well as a rich track record of developing products, int. presentations, scientific publications and patents.


Benny Karov

Manager, Software & Algorithms

30 years of leading software development. A rich track record of transforming ideas to products.


Arik Lilling

Director of Human


Served for 25 years in the SHABAK in operations and investigation.

Polygraph expert operator.


Ram Ben-Barak


Now, Israeli Parliament

Served for more than 30 years in the Mossad as a fighter, commander &  deputy head of the Mossad.


With them, working to transform innovative ideas to working products, is an exceptional multidisciplinary experienced team with a proven track-record. Our team includes engineers, scientists, designers, security experts, polygraph experts and executives.