Terrorism, crime and deception are a daily concern of citizens, authorities and governments around the globe. They cause life loss and hurt the economy. Aletheia enables enhancing safety, saving money and improving life-quality for everyone everywhere (credibility, identification and threats). Our products are applicable to versatile Safe City solutions. They can be deployed in multiple applications for government, state, military, law enforcement and HLS.

For example, it can improve public safety by providing solutions for monitoring special populations such as parolees, sex offenders and probation.

Another example is passenger screening. Today, passenger screening for security and immigration is performed by a staff of trained experts who screen passengers and their belongings using machines. This is a cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming process. For aviation and boarder control, Aletheia can deliver better solutions for security threats, illegal immigration issues, fraud detection and identifying smuggling.​


An in-depth and comprehensive Market-Analysis and Entry Roadmap for the US market were prepared in collaboration with the University of Michigan - Ross School of Business.

Advantages for Airlines/Airports:

  • Expediting the screening process

  • Increasing the capacity of existing airports

  • Lowering screening expenses (less manpower, training and maintenance)

  • Increasing passengers' satisfaction

  • Identifying threats earlier and more efficiently.


Advantages for Passengers:

  • Improved travel experience

  • Faster screening process

  • More security

  • Better privacy

  • Objectivity

Safe-City Example Use-Case: Border Screening for Illegal Immigration


Passenger at Aletheia Kiosk