Eye signals are complex signals, and it is a significant challenge to extract the required information and learn how to use it. Based on an innovative approach and 15 years of experience in developing eye-based technologies, the Eye-Minders team has managed to crack this challenge. 


Eye-Minders has developed an innovative solution, which delivers truth-detection, giving the “good guys” a quick clearance, (a "green pass") based on their eye-response. The revolutionary Trust-Technology is protected by patents, trade secrets and competitive insulation.

The technology is driven by a library of digital questionnaires, which include questions relevant to national security, criminal activity, employment screenings, and other issues. While a person is answering the questions, his eye dynamics are acquired and analyzed.

A Proven Technology with High Credibility:

  • Based on solid scientific studies

  • Successfully blind tested by opinion leading potential customers

  • Successfully compared with the polygraph

  • Tested on a diverse population in diverse settings