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  • How does the system work?
    Aletheia is an innovative system that is based on Eye-Minders' Trust Technology. Aletheia can identify risks by analyzing a person’s eye movements and reactions to simple Yes / No questions.
  • How long does an assessment take?
    The assessment itself is concise and takes only a few minutes.
  • Is the system reliable?
    The system is very reliable! First, every part of the process is automatic. The system is objective and unbiased; an examiner’s professionalism or weaknesses do not influence the results. Second, the system was tested and is currently used by numerous private companies and governmental security agencies. The system’s accuracy is about 93%.
  • How does the system maintain privacy and security?
    The data sent to Eye-Minders from the system is encrypted and includes no details or sensitive information about the person.
  • Does the system have any language barriers?
    Aletheia doesn’t have any language or cultural barriers. Each person can be questioned in their mother tongue, preventing misunderstandings and avoiding the need for exceptional translators for each language. Aletheia has already been tested on people from different cultures speaking other languages.
  • Do I need to get to a specific location for risk assessment?
    Aletheia is a multi-platform system with many applications determined by the client/person’s needs. You can take the risk assessment at Eye-Minders offices, the client’s facilities, or via an Eye-Minders representative at your home.
  • Is it possible to manipulate the system and influence the results?
    There’s no way to manipulate Aletheia or influence the system’s results. In contrast to other methods, our system is based on the visual system. The visual system is an automatic and autonomous system with speedy responses. Thus, there’s no way for anyone to manipulate the system. Furthermore, the system identifies “suspicious” behavior and alerts the operator when a person is not cooperative.
  • Since the system uses the person's eyes, can glasses, contacts, or heavy eye makeup influence the results, and can they be problematic?
    After testing Aletheia on a large variety of people, we can say that neither glasses, contacts nor eye make-up have any influence on the system’s results. Aletheia is highly adaptive and can handle any of those things in order to bring the best results for each person.
  • As my company's head of Human Resources, I would like to improve our recruitment process for new applicants. How can I do so? Do I need to replace my current process completely?
    Aletheia can be easily deployed in multiple ways in the company’s recruitment process. Our main goal is to improve the current process and to bring maximum results with minimum interference. Today, Aletheia is already integrated in circles with other risk assessment tools, such as an interview, background checks, and polygraph tests.
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