Cybercrime, IP theft, false identity and insurance fraud cause life loss, hurt the economy and influence life quality.​ Much effort is being invested in cyber technologies, however, people are often the weakest link in the chain, and are responsible for ~50% of losses.

Eye-Minders' mission is to enhance safety and improve life-quality for everyone everywhere by assessing credibility, identifying deception and detecting threats.

We are an Israeli-based technology company, bringing to market an innovative product enabling truth-detection, based on a person's eyes. The company was founded in January 2018 by Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman as a spin-off from PooW Innovation.​


Our team consists of multi-disciplinary, dedicated, creative and motivated people. It is a blend of experts with a proven track record and young enthusiastic graduates. The team includes veterans from the Israeli security agencies working side by side with top technology developers.


We are currently looking for investors, clients and partners which want to be part of this revolution.​​​

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