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Success Stories​

A public company in the construction, development, and infrastructure industry


The Challenge:

In the hiring process, the company was using a 45 minutes computerized integrity test. However, a deeper dive revealed discrepancies between the results of the integrity test and reality. Thus, the company decided to conduct a human-based questioning for all candidates, on top of the integrity test, resulting in a 2 hours process. In addition, some of the candidates complained that the process is unpleasant.

Construction Sites

The Solution:

The company replaced the computerized integrity tests with Eye-Minders’ technology and changed the human-based questioning to focus only on candidates that were found untruthful. As a result, the company received the following benefits:

  • Receiving high quality automated integrity test with proven success (compared to ground truth).

  • The length of the integrity check process was reduced from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

  • Number of man hours spent on human-based questioning reduce significantly – as there’s no longer a need to question 100% of candidates.

  • The candidate's experience was improved as Eye-Minders’ technology provides a fast, objective and none-intrusive exam.


“Eye-Minders technology enables an improved hr screening process – the whole process was shortened, with an emphasis on high quality and positive examinee experience”

Chief Security Officer, VP HR

Borders Control Organization


The Challenge:

The borders control organization was facing a flood of foreign passengers, declaring that they arrive as tourists, while their intention was to illegally work in the country. Even after a comprehensive screening & interview process by immigration agents, many of the foreign passengers overstayed their tourist visa and never left the country. In addition, the lengthy process created long queues & a questionable experience, especially for those who came as real tourists.


The Solution:

The borders control organization conducted a successful pilot using Aletheia to screen foreign passengers. Hundreds of passengers were screened by the system. Deployment of Aletheia in the existing process made it more efficient:

  • Fast, objective, and accurate (92% accuracy) detection of traveler's real intentions

  • Detection of travelers with fake documentation and smuggler

  • Expediting the screening process by focusing investigations

  • Decreasing workload on Immigration Authority teams

  • Shorter queues, and reduced passengers waiting time

  • Overall passenger experience was improved


“You enabled us to do digitized questioning, while showing us a vision for the future… I have no doubt that the foundations we built together will pioneer a new workflow in our field, and those similar to us”

Senior Manager, Immigration & Borders Control Authority

Private Company in the Cyber-Security Industry


The Challenge:

The company looked to tighten the employee screening process, with an emphasis on the ‘insider’s threat’. The main concern was corporate espionage with an emphasis on protecting the company’s valuable IP. Taking all candidates through a lengthy process of computerized integrity tests, security interviews and polygraph was lengthy, costly – in both direct and hidden costs (e.g. interviews time), and above all – antagonized candidates. 

Laptop Keyboard

The Solution:

The company created a new screening process, in which Eye-Minders technology was used for majority of candidates, instead of the computerized integrity tests and polygraph. The company defined specific topics on corporate espionage and protection of IP and positioned Eye-Minders as a ‘computerized test that takes a few minutes.’

As a result, the company received the following benefits:

  • The company received higher quality automated screening, for more candidates in less time

  • Eye-Minder’s positioning as a computerized test that takes a few minutes was received well by candidates, and the risk of losing good candidates due to a lengthy process and the notion of polygraph was reduced

  • The human based questioning became more efficient, as Eye-Minders technology enabled focusing on selected candidates, pointing out specific issues.


“Our employees, technology and IP are our most strategic assets. This is why we chose Eye-Minders technology to proactively mitigate the insider threat and ensure that we employ the most professional and reliable people”

Senior Security Officer

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