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deep technology

“The Eyes are the Window to the Soul”

Our technology is based on 15 years of R&D in eye-based technologies and is protected by a patent, trade secrets, and competitive insulation. It was successfully blind-tested by opinion leaders and customers on a diverse population and achieved a high accuracy rate of 92%-95%.


The technology is based on solid scientific facts. The eyes are an excellent interface to the brain since they reflect what is going on in one's mind. Specifically, they reflect the mental effort and emotional impact.


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Aletheia-Intelligence (AI)

Eye-Minders developed Aletheia-Intelligence to help clients overcome a variety of human-related threats. Aletheia combines innovative deep technology, eye analysis, and AI. Civilian, defense, and government opinion leaders and clients validated and endorsed the system.


Clients Benefits

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Objective & Unbiased Process

Benefit 01-02.png

Credible & Accurate


Benefit 01-01.png

No Cultural

or Linguistic Barriers

Benefit 01-03.png


& Easy

to Use

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& Secured

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Aletheia (system and service) includes a camera, screen, proprietary software, and a digital questionnaire. It is fully customizable to meet each customer's standard and core values.


Aletheia can be deployed at the customer's site of choice, and its operation doesn't require an expert. The risk assessment process is fast, accurate, objective, and non-intrusive.​


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Customers love


“Eye-Minders technology enables an improved hr screening process – the whole process was shortened, emphasizing high quality and positive examinee experience.”

Chief Security Officer,


“You enabled us to do digitized questioning while showing us a vision for the future… I do not doubt that the foundations we built together will pioneer a new workflow in our field and those similar to us.”

Senior Manager, Immigration & Borders Control Authority

"Our experience with Eye-Minders technology was eye-opening using new and innovative attitude with accurate, nonintrusive, non-judgmental, unbiased truth detection in minutes."


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