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Trust technology
Eye signals are complex signals, and it is a significant challenge to extract the required information and learn how to use it. Based on an innovative approach and 15 years of experience in developing eye-based technologies, the Eye-Minders team has managed to crack this challenge.


Eye-Minders has developed an innovative solution, which delivers quick and accurate risk assessment, based on eye-response. The revolutionary Trust-Technology is protected by patents, trade secrets and competitive insulation.


The technology is driven by a library of digital questionnaires, which include questions relevant to insider’s threat detection, border screening, security clearance and other issues. While a person is answering the questions, his eye dynamics are acquired and analysed.​

A Proven Technology with High Credibility:
Eye-Minders technology provides a none-intrusive access to the person’s inner world, by identifying & analyzing eye-responses:


Trust Tech 01.2.png


User triggered by computerized questionnaire


Trust Tech 02.png


Brain activity stimulated


Trust Tech 03.png


Eye responses are being evoked


Trust Tech 04.png


Eye-responses identified & processed


Trust Tech 05.png


AI analysis to understand if a user is truthful

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