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Eye-minders Solution for:


Understanding the user’s unique preferences, habits, and behavior enables the delivery of content, products, and services perfectly tailored to the user’s needs and interests. It provides significant benefits in the digital world:

  • Engage and connect with the target audience in a way that feels authentic and meaningful, builds trust, and improves the user's overall experience.

  • Increase engagement and retention, leading to higher conversion rates and revenue and making it easier to achieve your goals.

  • Improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and build more profound, meaningful relationships with the target audience.


Today, data on the user’s inner world is limited and subject to the user’s browsing habits and technologies.


Improving Gaming Experience


Eye-Minders’ algorithms provide continuous, real-time valuable data on gamers’ emotional state, level of interest, and engagement. This data will help game developers adjust features to match each user's unique profile and gaming abilities - to retain the users longer in the game.


It provides developers with tools to optimize monetization:

  • Increase gamers retention

  • Grow in-app-purchase (IAP) revenue

  • Optimize in-app-advertisement

Optimizing e-Commerce & Marketing Budgets


Identifying high-intent users can be challenging due to the complexity of user behavior, lack of data, limited resources, difficulty in measuring intent, privacy concerns, and multi-device and multi-channel interactions.


Eye-Minders’ algorithms can identify high-intent users by providing accurate real-time data on users’ interests, providing valuable benefits:

  • Increased Sales: High-intent users lead to higher conversion rates by purchasing when targeted with tailored offers.

  • Efficiency: Reduced costs by efficient use of resources, targeting the most likely to convert users

  • Higher ROI & LTV: High-intent users are more likely to become repeat customers & spend more money over time

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Boosting e-Learning


AR/VR technologies are a promising addition to the training and education world due to their immersive nature. It will open the road to effective learning, better retention, cost-cutting, and lowered risks.

Eye-Minders’ algorithms provide valuable real-time data on the users’ interests, engagement, concentration levels, learning difficulties, and more.

This enables education & training platform developers to:

  • Boost engagement level

  • Optimize learning and training effectiveness

  • Drive consistent and measurable standards at the scale


Optimizing Digital Processes


Cumbersome digital processes cause high abandonment rates, leading to loss of revenues. For example, over 50% of customers applying for online services such as bank accounts and loans quit before completion.

Eye-Minders’ algorithms provide efficient credibility & authentication process for FinTech and Insure-Tech organizations, with a fast and straightforward process, improving user experience and providing high-accuracy risk assessment.

It enables FinTech & InsureTech institutes to optimize business KPIs:

  • Increase revenues and profits

  • Cut-down fraud and reduce costs

  • Generate a competitive advantage

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